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    single about dreams and change

    rebellious light


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Tour dates

  • Jul09 Sliema, MT Hole in the Wall Cancelled
  • Jul10 Valletta, MT ĠUGAR Cancelled
  • Jul11 Valletta, MT Offbeat Cancelled
  • Jul16 Ta' Xbiex, MT Storeroom Cancelled


These are songs about the roads and the distances, love and sincerity, dreams and changes.
Every song is not just a story or a tale, it’s a cry of soul and a call to action or at least thoughts about it.


Clips, Live, Lyric Videos from around the world.

Мятежный свет

Мечтатели серых улиц [Lyric Video]

Live at Gomel City Youth Theater

Свет [Sofar Sounds]

Птицами [Live]

22 [BalconyTV]

Дзе я

Мечтатели серых улиц [Sofar Sounds]

Дзе я? [ЖИВЯКОМ]

In February 2015 debut album «Мечтатели серых улиц» (“Grey streets Dreamers») was released. In April 2016 was released single «СВЕТ» («LIGHT’), in April 2018 — single «Як быццам сон» («Like a dream»). Concerts have already been held in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Moldova, Iceland, Austria, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Malta. The project is constantly expanding its geography and is now working on the next multilingual record in 7 languages.

And remember: wherever you are, whoever you are - we are to meet again.